A Fairytale in Winter (For Radio 4)

The following piece was broadcast on Radio 4's From Our Home Correspondent on 29th January, 2017. You can listen to the entire programme via this link... The cliff at Portreath rises steeply away from the Atlantic. Tregea Hill winds through Cornish hedgerows and reaches into the 800-year old Tehidy estate. Tonight, the forest park has... Continue Reading →

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Hidden Warsaw: The Night Market

This piece was written for Radio 4 after a visit to Warsaw's night market in the summer of 2016. I'd made contact with a local foodie who promised to take us to some of Warsaw's most interesting food stops. He didn't disappoint... I give the taxi-driver the address; he is perplexed. “Do you know the Night... Continue Reading →

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Your Place or Mine

This is a review I wrote after attending the Place Symposium to celebrate ten years of Geography at Exeter University at Penryn Campus in Cornwall... This morning I woke up with a new word on my tongue: moraines. I’m not a geographer, but after a day of talks at Penryn campus, geography has got under... Continue Reading →

The Ghostly Lugger and Other Goonhilly Folk Tales

On 26th September, I ran family creative writing workshops as part of Goonhilly Village Green, a wonderful project merging art, science, nature and community. Together we explored the flora and fauna of the heath and talked about its history and its ghostly tales before creating stories and characters (human and otherwise) to populate the imaginary sixth parish of Goonhilly.... Continue Reading →

The Ghostly Lugger

Excited to be a part of the Goonhilly project!


6aug09-still13 Sara Bowler, ‘The Ghostly Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool’ (2009).

“In the midst of the dreary waste of Goonhilly…the form of a ghostly vessel may be seen floating with lug-sails spread…” Come and write your own story and create village characters based on the local legend, The Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool. How did the lugger come to be there?

Join writer Kelly Stevens for a writing workshop based on this Goonhilly folk tale. The workshop will be approximately 90 minutes long and will run twice during the day. Please check back for further details.

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2015: my year of running

Some time ago, I watched my partner join a running club. He ran twice a week, and then would get up early on Sunday mornings for races, whatever the weather. I would yawn, roll over and bask in the extra space in my bed thinking: sucker! After a few months though, I noticed how much... Continue Reading →

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